City Grace Church exists to glorify God and make disciples who make disciples both locally and globally.

We desire to see a world of members from every nation, tribe and tongue worshiping God and Glorifying Jesus with their one life.  This isn't going to happen by hoping for the best. All Christians are to be disciples of Jesus. As we journey to learn from Jesus in every area of our lives, we are to be intentional in helping others find and follow Jesus until we leave this earth.



It's been said that the Church that shines the furthest shines the brightest close to home.  It's our desire to honor God by selflessly and sacrificially serving our local community.  What this looks likes varies from time to time, relationship to relationship and from need to need. We've been able to serve and bless our City of Lathrup Village through roadside clean ups to raking leaves for those in need. We also look to serve our local schools by providing needs to both parents and faculty. We also look forward every year to help prepare meals and deliver them for  Detroit Meals-On-Wheels.  The possibilities and needs are endless. Get in touch with us if you know how we might be able to physically express God's grace here locally.



We know that God's Kingdom is way bigger than City Grace. We want to see a member of every nation, tribe people and tongue confess with their lips and their lifestyle that Jesus is Lord and that will require work from outside of City Grace. We partner with, support and send missionaries to GO.  We also look for opportunities for each of us to GO and be a part of God's Kingdom Work.  We've organized teams to the Philippines and South Africa and supported missionaries in several countries.  How can they call on whom they've never heard? And how can they hear unless someone preaches to them? Get your passport and let's go!